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Sunday, May 26 @ 10 am - 12 noon

Aerospace Legacy Foundation (ALF) was founded in 1994 and incorporated as a California Public benefit (501c3) corporation in 1997. The genesis of the organization was an endeavour to provide educational outreach efforts to the local community, sharing education and promoting public literacy about technology. Join us as we explore the North American Rockwell Story, delving into the history of the former NAA/Rockwell site. Next, embark on a journey to uncover the Cradle of The Cosmic Age, revealing how the spirit of exploration extended far beyond the western frontier. Take part in our examination of the unmade US Military Space Programs of the Cold War. Then, delve into discussions about the Forever Satellite and the Radiation Pressure Engine. ALF prides itself on preserving our aerospace heritage while focusing on the future of the industry.

Aerospace Legacy  Session Chair Info

President, Aerospace Legacy Foundation

Currently, Arlene holds the positions of President of 2 501c3 corporations. The first is the local NSS chapter called OASIS and the second Aerospace Legacy Foundation (ALF) in the city of Downey a California Public benefit nonprofit. Other pursuits Arlene is involved with the Aerospace Legacy Foundation’s speaker’s bureau, an ALF sponsored local convention called OuteRimCon and the Aerospace Podcast. Her moto is to never give up an opportunity to educate on the history of the aerospace industry.

Aerospace Legacy Presentation Speakers

Aerospace Legacy Foundation
Presentation Title: Cradle of The Cosmic Age

Gerald Blackburn is an engineer and was a Project Manager with the Boeing Space and Communications Corporation. He was responsible for directing the Advanced Standards and Practices efforts in the Systems Safety and Product Assurance Department at the Huntington Beach Facility. Mr. Blackburn has been in the Aerospace Industry for over 40 years and retired in 2003. His career has spanned the entire manned space program from the X-15 at North American Aviation to the Apollo, Saturn SII, Space Shuttle and International Space Station Programs.
During his career on Apollo, he worked in quality assurance and as a materials engineer. Thirty-five years were spent at the Downey North American/NASA site the home of the Apollo and Space Shuttle spacecrafts.
He is an educator as well as a business leader. His proactive leadership in business and education partnerships is widely known. Gerald has taught at the California State University in Los Angeles, University of Southern California, and Cerritos College. He has been an active member of several business and education advisory boards and served on the California State Department of Education Advisory Committee for Career Technology Education.
Mr. Blackburn is founder and CEO of Tinkers Corner LLC a STEM education resource company. He is a member of the advisory Board of Directors for the City of Downey Columbia Memorial Space Center. He is a former President of the Aerospace Legacy Foundation in California developing historical preservation and outreach projects.

Aerospace Legacy Foundation
Presentation Title: The Forever Satellite
Presentation Title: The Radiation Pressure Engine

After studying aerospace engineering at Syracuse University, Timothy Cassidy-Curtis went on to become part of the Space Shuttle program in 1982. He was part of the NASA team (still assigned to the US Air Force) for the final assembly of the Orbiters Discovery and Atlantis, and took part in two Shuttle launches. After a brief stint with air-breathing vehicles starting in 1989, Tim returned to the Space business in 1996, and has never left. Tim has published in a peer-reviewed journal on the subject of human spaceflight and is a published science fiction writer.

President & Executive Director, Columbia Memorial Space Center
Presentation Title: The North American Rockwell Story

Benjamin Dickow is the President and Executive Director of the Columbia Memorial Space Center, a space museum and science learning center located in Downey, California, on the site where the Apollo capsules and Space Shuttle were designed and built. He also serves as the City’s Library Director. Mr. Dickow’s work is informed by nearly 30 years of experience in science education. He has served in major museums in cities such as Chicago and Los Angeles; as the Creative Director at a major museum design firm; as a Director for a resource center of the National Science Foundation; and also as a consultant, developing science and children’s museum experiences and leading master planning initiatives for national organizations. Ben holds a degree from the University of Chicago and has been fortunate to be able to use a number of different media to engage the public with science including exhibits, print, the web and as an on-air correspondent for the PBS television program “Wired Science.” In 2008, Ben founded the community-based Westside Science Club, which worked to bring interactive science experiences to underserved youth in LA. Recently, he founded the LA STEM Collective, a new organization to integrate and make more accessible all of the out-of-school time STEM resources in Greater Los Angeles.

Aerospace Legacy Foundation
Presentation Title: The Unmade U.S. Military Space Programs of the Cold War

Matthew Monahan has nurtured a lifelong fascination with aerospace and its rich history. Through his independent research endeavors, he has recently assumed the role of Outreach Chairman at the Aerospace Legacy Foundation. Moreover, he has captivated audiences with his insightful talks on space programs at the past two OuteRimCon conventions and the most recent International Space Development Conference.

Vice President, Aerospace Legacy
Presentation Title: The Forever Satellite The Radiation Pressure Engine

Seth Potter holds a Ph.D. in Applied Science from New York University, as well as Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Physics from Columbia University. He has worked extensively in the aerospace industry, where his experience has included satellite design, space-based solar power, wireless power transmission, robotic satellite servicing, lunar and planetary mission design, radar system design, and solid-state electronics. He is a member of the NSS Board of Advisors, Vice President of the OASIS – Los Angeles Chapter of NSS, and Vice President of the Aerospace Legacy Foundation. He is also an advisor to the Los Angeles Section of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the A-MAN, Inc. STEM International Science Center.

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