Dr. Don Deever

County Agriculture Extension Agent, University of Nevada-Reno, College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources

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Dr. Deever is a park ranger, naturalist, farm hand, chef, certified flight instructor, futurist, agriculture extension agent, and professor in the University of Nevada’s College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources. He is currently writing a textbook and developing curriculum on space farming. He is also writing a book on selecting space crops (modern and ancient) to create the most self-sufficient and healthiest off-world space colonies possible.

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Jessy Maria Aguilar


Aguilar, Jessy Maria

Justin C. Ahasteen

Executive Director of the Navajo Nation Washington Office

Ahasteen, Justin C.

Robert Aillon

CEO, Leviathan Space Industries & Guayaquil Space Society & Ambassador Milo Space Science Institute

Aillon, Robert

Dr. Leon Alkalai

CEO and Founder, Mandala Space Ventures

Alkalai ,Dr. Leon

Al Anzaldua

National Space Society Board of Directors

Anzaldua, Al

Issac Arthur

President of the National Space Society

Arthur, Issac

Adriano V. Autino

Space Renaissance International, CEO, Founder, Space Renaissance International

Autino V., Adriano

Phnam Bagley

Partner and Creative Director at Nonfiction

Bagley, Phnam

Gary Barnhard

President & CEO, Xtraordinary Innovative Space Partnerships, Inc

Barnhard, Gary

Kevin Barry

Business Analyst

Barry, Kevin

Larry Bartoszek

Owner, Bartoszek Engineering

Bartoszek, Larry

Howard Berger

Co-owner, KNB EFX Group

Berger, Howard

John Billingsley


Billingsley, John

Gerald Blackburn

Aerospace Legacy Foundation

Blackburn, Gerald

R Andrew Bond

Student, Member of NSS and AIAA

Bond, R Andrew

Savanna Box

Graduate Student, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Box, Savanna

Finn Braun

High School Student, Mars Institute

Braun, Finn

James Burk

Executive Director, The Mars Society

Burk, James

Dr. Hao Cao

Assistant Professor, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Cao, Hao

David Caponio

Senior Vice President, Product & Business Development, Vast

Caponio, David

Joe Carroll

Retired Aerospace Engineer

Carroll, Joe

Timothy Cassidy-Curtis

Aerospace Legacy Foundation

Cassidy-Curtis, Timothy

Ellen Chang

Vice President Ventures, BMNT

Chang, Ellen

David Cheuvront

Founder, Earth-Space Demonstration and Conservation Center

Cheuvront, David

Annamaria Chilimintris

Music Teacher

Chilimintris, Annamaria

Damian Clogher

Aerospace Engineer, Planetary Sunshade Foundation

Clogher, Damian

Samuel Coniglio

Author, Space Futurist, Space Tourism Society

Coniglio, Samuel

Teviet Creighton

Professor & Theoretical Astrophysicist

Creighton, Teviet

Hoyt Davidson

Founder and Managing Partner, Near Earth LLC

Davidson, Hoyt

Alyson Decker

Chief Executive Officer, Alyson Claire Law, Prof. Corp.

Decker, Alyson

Benjamin Dickow

President & Executive Director, Columbia Memorial Space Center

Dickow, Benjamin

Jonah Dijoux

Undergraduate College Student, Butte College

Dijoux, Jonah

Leah Cheli Doolittle

Managing Director & Secretary, The EarthLight Foundation

Doolittle, Leah Cheli

Caleb Dorris

University Student, University of Mississippi School of Law

Dorris, Caleb

Dave Dressler

Director of Information Systems, NSS

Dressler, Dave

Steve Durst

Director, International Lunar Observatory Association

Durst, Steve

Jerry Eddy

Dual Space Access Strategy

Eddy, Jerry

David Epstein

United States Foreign Service Officer (U.S. Diplomat), United States Department of State

Epstein, David

Megan Eskey

Founder and CEO, Reloquence

Eskey, Megan

José Pedro Ferreira

Doctoral Researcher, University of Southern California

Ferreira, José Pedro

Richard Godwin

Founder and President, Space Technology Holdings LLC

Godwin, Richard

Anna Golendukhina

Graduate Student, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Author

Golendukhina, Anna

Dr. Aidyl Gonzalez-Serricchio

CalTech Scientist and Outreach Director, International Institute of Astronautical Sciences

Gonzalez-Serricchio, Aidyl

Steven Griggs

President, Space Railway Corporation

Griggs, Steven

Loretta Hall

Author, NSS Space Ambassadors

Hall, Loretta

Michelle Hanlon

Executive Director, Center for Air and Space Law, University of Mississippi

Hanlon, Michelle

Max Haot

CEO, Vast

Haot, Max

Art Harman

President, The Coalition to Save Manned Space Exploration

Harman, Art

Maria Harney

MD, Scientist, Business Owner, NSS

Harney, Maria

Dr. Gregory Harrison

CTO, Gravitronics

Harrison, Gregory

Krista Heinemann

High School Student, Mars Institute

Heinemann, Krista

José M. Hernández

Former NASA Astronaut

Hernández, José M.

Tyler Horvath

University of California, Los Angeles

Horvath, Tyler

Chris Huie

Astronaut, Aerospace Engineer, Astro Chuie

Huie, Chris

Aidan Hurley-Kalici

Programming Intern, International Space Elevator Consortium

Hurley-Kalici, Aidan

Karlton Johnson

Chairman, National Space Society Board of Governors

Johnson, Karlton

John Jossy

Chief Web Content Designer, Space Settlement Progress

Jossy, John

Elizabeth Kennick

President, Teachers in Space, Inc.

Kennick, Elizabeth

Susan Kilrain

Former NASA Astronaut

Kilrain, Susan

King Kumire

Student, UNISA

Kumire, King

Lisa La Bonté

Principal, Carnegie Ventures

La Bonté, Lisa

Andrea Lani

Research Expert & Manager, Center for Mathematical Plasma Astrophysics at KU Leuven

Lani, Andrea

Alexander Layendecker

Director, Astrosexological Research Institute (ASRI), SpaceBorn United Inc. (SBU)

Layendecker, Alexander

Dr. Pascal Lee

Co-founder and Chairman, Mars Institute

Lee, Pascal

Dr. Claire Leon

Director, Space Systems Integration Office, Space Systems Command, U.S. Space Force

Leon, Claire

Dr. Dana Levin

Medical Director, Flight Surgeon, Vast & OSMED

Levin, Dr. Dana

Matthew LeVine

Director of the Gerard K. O'Neill Space Settlement Contest, National Space Society

LeVine, Matthew

Allison Lewis

Program Manager, Center for Air and Space Law

Lewis, Allison

Michael Lewis

Government and Legislative Affairs Associate, The Navajo Nation

Lewis, Michael

Mike Lewis

Chief Technology Officer, Voyager Space Exploration

Lewis, Mike

Patrick Lin

Director, Ethics + Emerging Sciences Group / Cal Poly

Lin, Patrick

Sergio Lucero 

Operations Officer for Stellar Access

Lucero, Sergio

Bruce Mackenzie

NSS Director Elect, Mars Society, Mars Foundation

Mackenzie, Bruce

Rob Manning

JPL Chief Engineer Emeritus, Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA/Caltech

Manning, Rob

Brian McManus

Founder, Junto Media Ltd

McManus, Brian

Nahum Melamed

Project Leader, The Aerospace Corporation


Bryce Meyer

NSS Space Ambassador, Space Farms, St Louis Space Frontier

Meyer, Bryce

Matthew Monahan

Aerospace Legacy Foundation

Monahan, Matthew

Spoorti Nanjamma

Graduate Student, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Nanjamma, Spoorti

Melissa Navia

Actor & ISDC 2024 Host

Navia, Melissa

Larry Niven

Science Fiction Writer

Niven, Larry

Mohamed Njah

Vice President, XYZ Landing

Njah, Mohamed

Jordan Noone

Co-Founder and General Partner, Embedded Ventures

Noone, Jordan

Bekar Oikashvili

Founder & Chairman of ATIC (Advanced Technologies and Innovations Center), Associate Professor, University of Georgia

Oikashvili, Bekar

O'Raphael Okoro

Analog Researcher Intern, MMAARS (Mars-Moon Astronautics Academy and Research Sciences)

Okoro, O’Raphael

Ayse Oren

Architect, DesignArt

Oren, Ayse

Dr. Paul Phister

Adjunct Professor, ISEC

Phister, Paul

Doug Plata

President & Founder, The Space Development Network

Plata, Doug

Jim Plaxco

President, Chicago Society for Space Studies

Plaxco, Jim

Ned Popovich

Disruptive Innovation Consultant

Popovich, Ned

Seth Potter

Vice President, Aerospace Legacy

Potter, Seth

Rod Pyle

Editor-in-Chief, Ad Astra magazine, Author of 20 space books, Host of "This Week in Space"

Pyle, Rod

Volker Quetschke

Professor & Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Programs in the College of Sciences at UTRGV

Quetschke, Volker

Saba Raji

Master of Building Science student at the University of Southern California School of Architecture

Raji, Saba

Jim Ridings

Visionary, Orbital Yacht Club

Ridings, Jim

Danielle Roosa

Founder of Back to Space, Back to Space

Roosa, Danielle

Alex Rosalez

Director of Product, Inclusion, Snap and Amazon

Rosalez, Alex

Ken Ruffin

NSS Space Ambassador, NSS Director, Region 3

Ruffin, Ken

Michael Runnels

Assistant Professor of Business Law, California State University, Los Angeles

Runnels, Michael

Greg Russell

Sound Mixer

Russell, Greg

Kevin Russell

Simulation Innovation Strategist, The Human Space Program

Russell, Kevin

David Schrunk

President, Science of Laws Institute

Schrunk, David

Ericka Isabella Scuderi

Postdoctoral Associate at George Washington University

Scuderi, Erika Isabella

Erik Seedhouse

Associate Professor, Space Operations, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Seedhouse, Erik

Jane Shevtsov

Co-Founder and Board Chair (Propagule), Mathematical Biology Instructor (UCLA), Propagule Space Ecology Institute and UCLA

Shevtsov, Jane

Alexander Simmonds

Lecturer in Law, University of Dundee

Simmonds, Alexander

Camisha Simmons

Attorney, Simmons Legal PLLC

Simmons, Camisha

Kevin Simmons


Simmons, Kevin

Dale Skran


Skran, Dale

Aldo Spadoni

President, International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA)

Spadoni, Aldo

Jeff Stepp

TV Producer, Freelance

Stepp, Jeff

Dr. Alan Stern

Associate Vice President, Southwest Research Institute

Stern, Alan

Dennis Stone

Vice President-Business Development, Vast

Stone, Dennis

Daniel Suarez

Science-Fiction Author

Suarez, Daniel

Mary Christine (M.C.) Sungaila

Partner, Complex Litigation Group; LLM Candidate, Center for Air and Space Law, University of Mississippi

Sungaila, Mary Christine (M.C.)

Dr. Peter A. Swan

President, International Space Elevator Consortium

Swan, Peter A.

Phil Swan

Director of Infrastructure, The Atlantis Project

Swan, Phil

Bryan Versteeg

Conceptual Designer, Spacehabs.com

Versteeg, Bryan

Nana Visitor


Visitor, Nana

Dr. Leslie Wickman

Research Scientist & Engineering Consultant

Wickman Dr. Leslie

Adam Williams

PhD Student, University of Minnesota

Williams, Adam

Steven Wolfe

President and Co-Founder, Beyond Earth Institute

Wolfe, Steven

Nancy C. Wolfson

The American institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

Wolfson, Nancy C.

Dennis Wright

Vice President, International Space Elevator Consortium

Wright, Dennis

Minghao Zou

High School Junior, Valley Christian High School

Zou, Minghao

Robert Zubrin

President, Pioneer Astronautics

Zubrin, Robert

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