Many Roads to Space

...Some More Traveled Than Others

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Friday, May 24 @ 10 am - 12 noon & 2 pm - 6 pm

There are many roads to space, some more traveled than others, but all essentially important to the human settlement of the final frontier. It’s not just about rockets and space settlements—to survive and thrive off-world will require advancements in biomedicine, food production, legal regimes and their enforcement, leisure activities, and much more. Anything that might be a part of any new frontier must be considered in our expansion to new shores in space, including both planetary and lunar outposts as well as free space settlements. Many Roads to Space highlights the new, the unusual, and the hard-to-categorize endeavors that will be critical to a healthy, productive, and robust existence in space.

Many Roads to Space  Session Chair Info

CEO and Director of Exothermic Films

From the young age of 16, Christian B. Meza began an early career in space studies as a research intern with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. A few months later, Meza entered the National Space Society as president of his local chapter, making him one of the youngest NSS chapter presidents in history. With the National Space Society as a lamplight, he expanded his career in aerospace technology, became a contracted specialist pilot, and has worked directly with companies such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and more. In his continuing research, Christian expanded on the effects of gauge bosons and leptons in exotic conditions, discovering how the identity of gravity’s role in the Aharonov–Bohm effect works and what lunar isotopic evolution tells us more of where our planetary origins began.

In pursuit of his filmic art dreams, Meza started a small video production company, Christian Meza Media, at age 17. With the creation of his high-end commercial film production company, Exothermic Films, has been a part of over 60 different short films, movies, and other visual productions. His clientele includes Amazon, Cirque du Soleil, Ferrari, Red Bull, National Geographic Creative and his work can even be seen on streaming networks including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Paramount+ and Discovery. Meza has earned over 40 internationally recognized motion picture awards as a cinematographer, director, editor, colorist, and earned an Emmy nomination for his directorial work in 2022.

Many Roads to Space Presentation Speakers

Graduate Student, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Presentation Title: Space Radiation Storm Shelter (Team of 3)

Savanna is pursuing an MS in Aviation Degree with a specialization in Space Studies. She obtained a BS in Spaceflight Operations from ERAU in May 2023. Savanna is also a Systems Engineering intern at General Dynamics Mission Systems.

Founder, Earth-Space Demonstration and Conservation Center
Presentation Title: Building a Sustainable Future: Evolving the Earth-Space Demonstration and Conservation Center

David Cheuvront is a pilot, mechanical engineer, and former NASA professional with 45 years of experience in aviation, space, and technology. He played a crucial role in NASA, leading projects such as space station maintainability concept development and as a lead engineer for ISS Test & Verification. As Technology Integration Manager for the JSC Advanced Development Office, he oversaw Next Generation Launch Technology and lunar lander development planning. He was also a Safety and Mission Assurance lead for the Orion Crew Vehicle, propellant depot, and other innovative technology initiatives. With expertise in lunar architecture and commercial/NASA Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiatives, David contributed to the 2015 “Evolvable Lunar Architecture” study and conducted economic evaluations for lunar resource utilization. Inspired by his extensive engineering, business, and real estate background, he conceived the Earth-Space Conservation Demonstration Center, bridging Earth conservation and space development through research, collaboration, and sustainable practices.

Graduate Student, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Author
Presentation Title: Space Radiation Storm Shelter (Team of 3)

Anna is a master’s degree student in Aeronautical Science with a specialization in space flight operations. She has recently published her first book “Flight Ready: A Manual for Aspiring Flight Attendants.”

President, Teachers in Space, Inc.
Presentation Title: Classroom Cubesats on Planes and Rockets... with Teachers!

Elizabeth Kennick joined Teachers in Space (TIS) as program director in 2011 and became President in 2014. Formerly Vice President of Client Technology at Morgan Stanley, she now splits her time between developing exciting ways to bring Space into the classroom, and funding spaceflights for classroom experiments and teachers. TIS teachers have flown cubesat experiments on balloons, gliders, and spacecraft, with new launches coming via Blue Origin, Firefly Aerospace and more. Liz has led teachers on multiple ZeroG flights and is eager to begin human suborbital space flights for teachers with their classroom experiments.

NSS Director Elect, Mars Society, Mars Foundation
Presentation Title: StarShip Mars Base

Bruce is the founder of the Mars Foundation, an NSS affiliated organization, dedicated to education and research on settlement of Mars. Bruce advocates low tech “homesteading” to live on Mars. His special interest is the use of in-situ materials, such as production of plastic and masonry from the Martian air and dirt, to build habitats and 3D printing for Mars Settlement. He originated the concept of Masonry structures on Mars, using regolith (dirt) to hold the internal pressure. Bruce has been active in the National Space Society since the merger with the L5 Society. He served multiple terms on the NSS Board of Directors, chapters committee, and in his local chapter.

Graduate Student, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Presentation Title: Space Radiation Storm Shelter (Team of 3)

Spoorti is a first-year graduate student in M.S. Systems Engineering, having completed a BS in Spaceflight Operations in December of 2023.

Vice President, XYZ Landing
Presentation Title: Revolutionizing Rocket Landing with XYZ Landing

Mohamed Njah, Vice President of XYZ Landing, is an engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur dedicated to revolutionizing rocket landings. With a visionary approach, he spearheads the development of mobile landing systems, disrupting traditional methods by eliminating the need for costly and heavy landing gear. Mohamed’s innovations promise safer and more efficient rocket landings, marking a significant advancement in aerospace technology.

Founder & Chairman of ATIC (Advanced Technologies and Innovations Center), Associate Professor, University of Georgia
Presentation Title: Modular, Transportable Ground Station for Satellite Communications

Bekar Oikashvili, PhD, is a notable figure in space technologies and academia. As the Founder & Chairman of ATIC (Advanced Technologies and Innovations Center), he leads innovative research in satellite communications, development of modular ground stations and ongoing cubesat projects with scientific experiments on board. In addition to his role at ATIC, Bekar is the Founder and CEO of Twini, dedicated to transforming edge computing for Small and Medium Businesses. He also heads Smartitup LTD, offering a range of IT services including software development and information security audit.
With over 8 years of lecturing experience across Georgian universities, Bekar is committed to sharing his knowledge with future generations. He also serves as an advisor to the Rector of the University of Georgia and holds the position of Associate Professor at Caucasus University and the University of Georgia. Currently pursuing a Master’s in Cybersecurity at North Kentucky University, Bekar continues to push the boundaries of technology and education.

Founder of Back to Space, Back to Space
Presentation Title: The Sci-Fi Effect: Inspiring Minds, Advancing Space Exploration

Danielle is the granddaughter of Apollo 14 astronaut Stuart Roosa. She held roles at NASA HQ, MTV, and Premier PR in London. During Danielle’s time at NASA, she noticed a fundamental lack of interest in space exploration and a seed was planted. While in Los Angeles as an award-winning actor and writer, she founded Back to Space to combine her passion for space exploration, entertainment, and entrepreneurialism.

NSS Space Ambassador, NSS Director, Region 3
Presentation Title: The Future of NASA and Commercial Spaceflight

Ken Ruffin is a former Aerospace Engineering student, turned 30+ year Environmental Engineer. In 2010, Ken joined both the National Space Society (NSS) and NSS of North Texas (NSS-NT). As either the VP or President of NSS-NT, Ken has presented about the present and future of space travel to over 200 audiences, and he has been interviewed approximately two dozen times by Dallas-Ft. Worth (DFW) Metroplex, Texas, USA, TV news stations. Ken strives to inform and inspire the general public about the multitude of plans for humanity’s future in space.

Simulation Innovation Strategist, The Human Space Program
Presentation Title: Digital Twins & Space Systems Incubator

Having held senior production, operations, and management roles across Internet, Media, Technology, Healthcare, Education, Telecommunications and Broadcasting businesses; his work spans spatial 3D audio & music production, UX/UI design/strategy, e-commerce, medical simulation training/systems/learning operations & research, management consulting, and IoT/M2M Enterprise Cellular WAN networking. He is focused on creative, strategic, and operational business product strategies, converging AI extended reality (XR: VR, AR, MR) /spatial computing, to enhance and accelerate situational awareness, learning, health, and entertainment.

President, International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA)
Presentation Title: Behind the 'Artist’s Rendition' - Art, Illustration, and the American Space Age

Aldo Spadoni is an aerospace engineer-futurist with over 40 years of experience supporting advanced NASA and DoD programs. He created an award-winning visualization team at Northrop Grumman. He is President of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA). He is an accomplished illustrator, concept designer and Hollywood technical consultant.

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