SpaceUp and T Minus 5 Talks

The SpaceUp (un)conference format grew out of developments in Silicon Valley called Bar Camps. Instead of the traditional lecture/PowerPoint format, an impromptu leader writes an idea on a post-it note and places it on a whiteboard grid that contains a cross-section of rooms and times. Others view the grid and go to the room of most interest for the time slot. At the beginning of the session, the leader takes about five minutes to explain their concept, then launches the group into a collaborative discussion. If you lose interest, or can’t get into the collaboration, vote with your feet and move onto a different session. The norms of SpaceUp allow for movement without insult. Everyone is invited to enjoy this exciting new format at ISDC.

Ignite Your Space Ideas Or Research and Launch It At ISDC 2013!

ISDC 2013 is offering an opportunity for students to present their ideas or research during a T minus 5 session. The ISDC has reserved academic sessions on Sunday and Monday mornings, May 26 and 27, for high school and college student presentations. Individual students or groups of students who are interested in participating in these sessions are encouraged to submit abstracts for a five minute PowerPoint slide presentation. Submit your presentation topic title and abstract by Monday, May 6 at:

T minus 5 is a series of short talks in the Ignite format. Each speaker gets 5 minutes to talk, with 20 slides that rotate automatically every 15 seconds. It’s a fun format that’s more like karaoke than giving a presentation; it’s tough to keep up with your slides, but the friendly crowd cheers you on.

Topics for discussion may be about any original ideas or research related to humankind’s advancement into space including robotics, habitats, art, agriculture, education, railroads, health care, and astronomy.

If your abstract is accepted you will be required to provide your T minus 5 PowerPoint presentation electronically no later than Monday, May 15.

For information about how to make a T minus 5 presentation go to

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