In addition to the stellar array of Plenary Speakers (see the Speakers page for Plenary Speakers), ISDC 2007 offers the following Track programming (all speakers shown are confirmed):

Frontier Transport: to space - in space - from space
Track Chair: John K. Strickland, Jr.

Friday, May 25
• Risk & Space Tourism - Derek Webber
• Selecting Launch Sites for Adventure - Wayne Finger
• NASTAR (Private Space Travel Training) Center - Alex Howerton
• Infrastructure for Civilian Space Training Center - Marshall Gardner
Joint Session with Moon Track:
• Lunar Logistics & Program Survival - John Strickland
• Reactions to NASA's Lunar Exploration Architecture -Options & Alternatives - David Dunlop
• PANEL:  LUNAR BASE - TRANSPORT &  LOGISTICS   (Practical and Economic Issues) - John Strickland et al

Saturday, May 26
• Electromagnetic Launchers - Ian McNab
• Ram Accelerator (Related to Light Gas Gun) - Carl Knowleen
• Update on Superconductivity & Applications - Giovanni Grasso
• SKY DOCK (Magnetic Capture & Injection) - Phillip Putnam
• Space Elevators for Earth & Moon - Jerome Pearson
• Panel: Other Ways to Space

Sunday, May 27
• A Realistic and Viable Path to Space (To LEO) - Robert Talmadge
• A Heavy Hauler to the Moon - Air Launch - Carleton L. Rhoades
• Low Cost Propulsion Solutions: Commercial History of Liquids & Hybrids - Tim Pickins
• Panel: Who Will Solve! (the cheap HLV Problem - Cargo CATS)
• Basics of Orbital Mechanics - Seth Potter
• Fusion Power/Fusion Drives (Bussard Tech) - Tom Ligon

The Lunar Frontier - Moon & Cislunar Space Development
In Association with The Moon Society
Track Chairs: Peter Kokh, Dave Dunlop and Ken Murphy

Friday, May 25
• Value of LEO Propellant Depot for Lunar Exploration - Dallas Bienhoff
• The Challenge of Commercial Cis-Lunar Development: Where We Are, Where We Want to Go, and Some Thoughts on How to Get From Here to There - Jon Goff
• Orbital Characteristics of Very Large Flexible Structures - Jim Dempsey
• The Roadmap of Cislunar Space - Ken Murphy
Joint Session with Transport Track:
• Lunar Logistics & Program Survival - John Strickland
• Reactions to NASA's Lunar Exploration Architecture -Options & Alternatives - David Dunlop
• PANEL:  LUNAR BASE - TRANSPORT &  LOGISTICS   (Practical and Economic Issues) - John Strickland et al

Saturday, May 26
• NASA's Lunar Exploration Architecture Planning: Mapping Objectives, Missions & Architecture for the Science Mission, Exploration Systems & Operations Directorates - Laurie Leshin
• Inflatable Deployable Structures for NASA Exploration - Cliff Wiley
• Finding Lunar Polar Ice: Next Orbiters & Ground Truth at the Lunar Poles - Paul Spudis
• Moon Rush - Reasons for Lunar Development - Dennis Wingo
• The University of Luna Project: A Catalyst for Lunar Research & Education - Peter Kokh & David Dunlop
• Let's Go to the Moon & Set Up Shop - Rick Tumlinson

Sunday, May 27
• Extreme Environment Food Production: Operating the South Pole's Food Growth Chamber - Lane Patterson
• Planning a Lunar Greenhouse - Phil Sadler
• Concrete from Lunar In Situ Resources - T.D. Lin
• Inflatable Deployable Structures for NASA Exploration - Jerome Pearson
• Demonstrating Large Facility Computer Automation in Analog Lunar Habitat Operation - Michael Bakk
• Research-Goal Driven Modular Lunar Analog Plans - Peter Kokh
• Lunar Development Synthesis Session: Lessons Learned - Ken Murphy, Peter Kokh et al

The Martian Frontier: Mars or Bust
In Association with the Dallas Mars Society
Track Chairs: Derek & April Andreas

Friday, May 25
• Virtual prototyping of a piloted Mars Lander - Mark Paton
• The Four-Month High Arctic Mars Mission - Dr. Robert Zubrin
• MarsDrive - Bruce MacKenzie
• Why a Humans-to-Mars Mission Costs Over $50 Billion NASA-Bucks... And How We Can Do Much Better! - Brian Enke (non-4FC)
• Artistic and robotic principles for the synthesis of Martians for Mars exploration - Shogo Yonekura and Yoichiro Kawaguchi

Saturday, May 26
• Mars Exploration Entry, Descent and Landing Challenges - Dr. Robert Braun
• Phobos and Deimos as Stepping Stones Between the Moon and Mars - Dr. Pascal Lee
• 4Frontiers Corporation – Creating a Path for the Settlement of Mars - Joe Palaia
• Sensitivity and Trade Studies for Mars Cargo and Crew Transportation - Grant Bonin
• Virtue and the Opening of a New World - Bishop James Heiser
• The Social and Political Structure of an Early Martian Colony - Kurt Chankaya

Sunday, May 27
• The Phoenix Mission - Peter Smith
• The Effect On National Security of a Modification in the President's Space Initiative Regarding Mars - John Boyton
• Mars EDL Architecture / Spaceport Design and Powered Descent Terrain Mapping for Pinpoint Landing - Jeremy Sotzen
• Finding Useful Minerals and Mining on Mars Isn’t That Easy - Vernon Kramer
• Fiction on the Martian Frontier: Behind the Scenes of the 4Frontiers Fiction Writing Project - Brian Enke

International Space Station (ISS) Science
International Space Station Research: From the Exploration Vision to a National Laboratory
In Association with NASA Johnson Space Center
Track Chair: Dr. Julie Robinson, acting ISS Program Scientist

Friday, May 25
• Research on the ISS: Current Accomplishments & Future Potential - Dr. Julie Robinson
• The ISS at Assembly Complete: NASA, National Laboratory, and Int'l Research Partner
• Extra-Terrestrial Medical Care: Earth Applications
• Space Nutrition Lessons from the ISS and Implications for Future
• Coarsening of Solid-Liquid Mixtures
• Particle & Smoke Detection on ISS for Next Generation Smoke Detectors
• Capillary Flow on ISS
• ISS Participation in the International Polar Year
• Gravity Dependent Combustion & Fluids Research: From Drop Towers to Aircraft to the ISS

Saturday, May 26
• Physics of Colloids Experiments on the ISS
• The Crew Earth Observation Experiment: Earth System Science from the ISS
• Characterization of Microorganisms in Spacecraft Environments
• Effects of Spaceflight on Microbial Gene Expression & Virulence
• Results from the Forward Technology Solar Cell Experiment Onboard MISSE-5
• NASA Glenn Research Center's MISSE ISS Experiments
• Progress in Spacecraft Environment Interactions: ISS Operations and Development
• Lessons Learned From ISS Operations

Space Settlement
Track Chair: Anita E. Gale and Dick Edwards

Friday, May 25
• Space Settlement in the Context of Human History - Kohl
• Space Settlement Economics & Advocacy - Mark Hopkins
• Panel: What's Going on NOW Toward Settlements in Space
• Triggering Events for Space Settlement - Gale/Edwards
• Human Expansion Triway into Space - Peter Kokh
• Contests/Competitions Available for Student Participation in Space Settlement Design - Gale/Edwards
• Involving the Arts in Space - Pietronigro / Burgess

Saturday, May 26
• The Antarctic Base is not a Good Model for the Lunar Base - Brown
• Closing the Life Support Loop: What is Stopping Us? - Janes
• Orbital Fuel Depot - Dallas Bienhoff
• Solar Power Satellites - Darel Preble
• Back to the Moon by 2015 - This Time to Stay: How to Assure Early Human Presence Toward a Permanent Moon Base - Heiss
• Architecting the Future: Thinking Outside the Box - Gary Barnhard

Sunday, May 27
• Evolutionary Psychology and its Implications for the Future of Humans in Space - Bell
• Earthlings on Mars: The Physiological Psychology of Cultural Change - Strongin/Reese/Summers
• How to Settle the Solar System in 3 Easy Steps - Holmes
• NSS/Ames Space Settlement Contest Winners

Spaceflight Law & Insurance
Track Chair: Doug Griffith

Friday, May 25
• Liability and Risk Management for Spaceflight Companies - Doug Griffith
• ITARs - Kerry Scarlott
• Insurance for Launch Operators and Builders - Kelly Alton
• Insurance for Launch Operators and Builders - Ralph Harp

Space Business
Track Chair: Clifford McMurray

Saturday, May 26
• Developments in the COTS Program - Panel Discussion with Participants - Alan Lindenmoyer / SpaceX / Rocketplance Kistler
• Prospects for Financial Success of Commercial Transportation Services to the ISS - Dominic DePasquale
• OTHER TRANSACTIONS: Space Act Agreements and Partnering with NASA - David Schuman
• FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation: Latest Developments - Dr. George Nield, FAA AST
• What Entrepreneurial Launch Companies are Looking for in a Spaceport - Wayne Finger
• Reality Check: Lunar Commerce 2007: How to Be Taken Seriously - Dr. David  Livingston

Sunday, May 27
• Exopolitical Implications, Commerce, Mining Ops and Historical Preserves on the Moon and Mars - Dr. Joseph A. Resnick
• Attracting Capital: What Most Space Startups STILL Don't Understand - Thomas Andrew Olson
• Immediate Market Applications of a Cheap-Launch Technology - Benjamin Joseph
• Rocketplane Kitsler - topic TBD - Charles Lauer
• Fill 'Er Up: Economic Analysis of A Lunar In_Situ Resource Utilization Propellant Services Market - Dominic DePasquale
• Barely affordable SPS using ISRU in LEO - Paul Roseman
• Synergies Between Earth and Space Businesses - Dennis Wingo
• Web based collaborative engineering design and documentation - Mitchell James

Space Education I
In Association with NASA Johnson Space Center
Track Chair: Angelo Casaburri

All sessions in this track limited to 30 participants per session.

Friday, May 25 and Sunday, May 27
Each session offered twice in conference. Contact us at to reserve a slot.

• Engineering Design Challenges 1:  Spacecraft Structures (Fri/Sun)
• Robonautics: Humans and Robots (Fri/Sun)
• Engineering Design Challenges 2:  Thermal Protection Systems (Fri/Sun)
• Exploring the Solar System (Fri/Sun)

Saturday, May 26 and Monday, May 28
• Rocks From Space  (a.k.a. Lunar and Meteorite Science and Certification)

Space Education II

Friday, May 25
• Teaching from Space: Utilizing the ISS as the Ultimate Platform for Education - Jon Neubauer
• Amateur Radio Communications with ISS - Inspiring Youth through Direct Connection with the ISS Crew - Frank Bauer/Ken Ransom
• NASA Glenn Research Center & Hathaway Brown School Collaborative MISSE Experiments - Kim deGroh
• Past, Present, and Future ISS Research for Educational, Commercial and Basic Science Purposes - Louis Stodieck/Stephanie Countryman
• Developing the Future Leaders of the Global Space Community: International Space University at 20 - Steven Brody
• Teachers in Space - Space Frontier Foundation
• Personal Robotics - Dallas Personal Robotics Group

Sunday, May 27
• Spacey CDs for Education
• An Educational Computer Game Effictiveness Study
• Playing in Space: Interactive Education with the Orbiter Space Flight Simulator
• World Space Expo 2007: Educational Programs

Space Outreach/Activism
Track Chair: Bart Leahy

Saturday, May 26
• Climate Control: An acceptable Reason for a Vigorous Space Program - Pearson
• Selling Space: The Waterfall Approach to Public Outreach - Plaxco
• How to Talk Space with the General Public - Livingston
• The Save for your Seat to Orbit (SST)) Project - Holmes
• New Space Advocacy: The MarsDrive Approach - Fulton • Selling Space - Leahy
• eSpace Tickets World Space Week Students & Teachers - Webb
• Panel - Chapter Outreach tactics - Leahy, Fulton, Plaxco, Dyson, McMurry

Monday, May 28
• NSS Town Hall Meeting - George Whitesides

Faster-than-Lightspeed Communications and Travel
Track Chair: Bill Gardiner

Sunday, May 27
For the "and Beyond" part of the President's "Moon, Mars and Beyond" Vision for Space Exploration (VSE), we examine recent claims of breakthroughs in faster-than lightspeed (FTc) communications and the development of the advanced concepts required for travel. Prof. Guenter Nimtz of the University of Cologne, Germany, conducts a laboratory-scale demonstration of FTc communications and explains the underlying concepts in  applied photonics.

• Gravity Modification - Benjamin T. Solomon
• FTL Communications Demo - Guenter Nimtz
• Panel: FTL Travel - Guenter Nimtz/Bill Gardiner

Space Medicine I
Track Chair: Michelle Christgen

Sunday, May 27
• Maximizing the Orbital Flight Experience for the Space Traveler - Illing
• Anousheh Ansari FS Support - Moynihen
• NASAR - Howerton
• Closing the ECLSS Loop - McCallum
• Risk Management for Commercial Space - Hamilton
• Human Factors for Vehicle Design for Commercial Space - Smart
• Space Medicine Panel - Various speakers

Space Medicine II
Track Chair: Marshall Gardner

Monday, May 28
• Screening & Training for Possible Issues for Civilian Tourist - Gardner
• Health Threats in Human Spaceflight - Clark
• Space Tourism: Human Factors - Franta

Space Solar Power Workshop
Track Chair: Darel Preble

Saturday, May 26
Detailed programming grid coming soon. Please check back.

Astrosociology, Humanities & Activities
Track Chair: Dr.Sherry Bell

Saturday, May 26
Astrosociology is the scientific study of space issues from a social science perspective.  It focuses on astrosocial phenomena; which refers to human behavior related to space.  The areas of interest and inquiry include: psychological, social, and cultural issues.  This perspective has been absent throughout most of the space age; however, since 2003, it has been growing at an impressive rate.

• Astrosociology: A Developing Field of Significance and Relevance to the Space Community - Pass
• Intergenerational Pathways: Get Along in the Space Age Takes on a New Meaning - Wong
• Establishing Self-Governance: Some First Principles - Kohn
• Earthlings on Mars: The Physiological Psychology of a Cultural Change - Strongin/Reese/Summers 
• Images, Visualization, and Art: Working Toward a More Productive Understanding - Robinson
• Zero Gravity Arts Consortium's Parabolic Flight for Artists - Burgess
• The National Space Society Space Settlement Art Contest - Plaxco
• Imaging Mars: The Process of Digitally Processing Planetary Images - Plaxco

The Solar System Frontier and Beyond

Friday, May 25
• NASA Unmanned Program - Inner Solar System - Strickland
• Extra-olar Planets - Cuntz
• NASA Unmanned Program - Outer Solar System - Strickland
• Using and Obtaining Ice as a Structural Material in Zero G - James
• What Will th Future Bring? - Tumlinson

International Space
Track Chair: Alain Bensoussan

Sunday, May 27
Detailed programming grid coming soon. Please check back.

Youth Programs
Track Chairs: Abigail Plemmons & Cynthia Whisennand

Friday, May 25 through Sunday, May 27
Young Children’s program (Toilet trained ages 3-11)

Fun space activities
Meet and talk with Astronaut Shannon Lucid (Friday only) 

Teen program (Ages 12-17)
Simulated Space Shuttle Missions and other activities
Meet and talk with Astronaut Shannon Lucid (Friday only) 

Space Art Show and Sale
In association with Teresa Patterson and Pegasus Management

• View beautiful space art from a wide variety of artists
• Purchase space art from print shop or silent auction
• Live space art auction 5:45 to 7 pm Sunday, May 27

& More!

• Activities:
• Movies
• Games