Speaker Registration Form

May 22-25, 1998
Hyatt Regency Milwaukee
333 W. Kilbourn Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53203

GENERAL INFORMATION: The ISDC, whose principal sponsor is the National Space Society, is a "cooperative" conference in which everyone is asked to pay his or her way to help keep as low as possible the general registration rate which is aimed at the general public, even though many professionals will attend. The ISDC '98 Committee is pleased, however, to offer a special rate for speakers of one half the at-the-door general registration fee ($90) , i.e. $45.

Written papers are not required. You may talk from notes or with the aid of view graphs. However, if you wish your presentation to be included in the official ISDC Proceedings please supply us with formatted hard copy by May 1st, 1998.

SEND THIS FORM, or copy, and payment TO:

P.O. Box 2102
Milwaukee, WI 53201

NOTE: Registration fees are refundable through April '98 - less a $5 handling fee


[  ] $45  for Presenters, Panelists, Workshop Directors etc. (= 50% of
at-the-door general rate)

[  ] Free Registration in exchange for the loan of audiovisual equipment
(overhead or slide carousel projector) for the duration of the Conference.
This use will be insured.

[  ] $15 extra (optional) for new first time memberships in National Space
Society (regular dues $35 / year)

[  ] $3 _Roommate Matchup Service_ [link to form still to be drawn up].
(Prefences form will be sent upon checkoff of this item.)

[    ]   Check here, if we should pass on your contact information to the
ISDC '99 Houston Committee and/or the ISDC 2000 Tucson Committee (CIRCLE one,
both, or neither)

[    ]   Check here if you are a recent author and want a complimentary table
for a 1 hr book signing event

Audiovisual Equipment Needed
    [   ]  Overhead Projector
    [   ]  Slide Projector Carousel
    [   ]  TV & VCR
    [   ]  Other ____________

[   ] I expect to have text ready for inclusion in ISDC '98 Proceedings
by May 1st, 98

[   ] Please call me about special needs or requests

[   ] Contact me about my organization becoming an official co-sponsor of

NAME ____________________________________________

(Affiliation :for badge) ________________________

Mailing Address _________________________________

City ____________________________________________

State __________ ZIP _____________

[   ]  First ISDC?

Phone # ________________________________(h)

Phone # _______________________________ (w)

Best Time to Call _______am_______pm

Email Address ______________________________

Check or Money Order # _____________________

[$_________] Total Amount Enclosed

Credit Card # ___________________________________
   [  ] Master Card
   [  ] Visa
   [  ] American Express
NOTE: we are not prepared to accept Discover Card

Card Expiration Date __________/_________

NAME of Cardholder ______________________________

Authorized Signature ____________________________

For more information about ISDC 98 Milwaukee:
    Registration:  _Charlotte Nelson_ [charlottenelson@juno.com]  (414)
    All other matters, _Peter Kokh_ [kokhmmm@aol.com] (414) 342-0705
       (if you use leave a phone message, give name & number s l o w l y ! ) 

On a separate sheet, etc, as applicable:
   * SUBJECT MATTER of presentation, panel, or workshop if decided.
   * Title of presentation, panel, or workshop if decided.
   * Presentation, panel, or workshop desciption if available:
         75 words or less for Presentation description
         100 words or less for Panel or Workshop description.
[   ]  Concise BIO (100 words or less ) enclosed
[   ]  will send BIO later
[   ]  Photo enclosed
[   ]  will send photo later
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