Roommate Matchup Service

IF you checked (*) $3 Roommate Matchup Service on your registration form and have already registered or are now registering and have included or will include this fee, you may complete and send this form via email to

IF you have already registered, but had not included this fee, Print this page and fill in the following as directed. Include $3 check or M.O. made out to "ISDC '98" Mail separately (from the ISDC registration form) to:

ISDC '98 Roommate Matchup Service
c/o Bill Katt 
8923 43rd Ave,
Kenosha WI 53142

Name: _____________________________________________

Street Address or Box _____________________________

City/State/Zip ____________________________________

Day Phone ___________________

Evening Phone ____________________

Email Address __________________________

Prior ISDCs? ______________________________________

( ) I am willing to share a room which I have ( ), will ( ) register in my

( ) I have/will make a reservation and have already agreed to share with the

and am looking for (circle) 1, 2 additional persons

( ) I am willing to share a room already registered to another person.

( ) You may give my contact information to others with whom you have matched

Circle sex: M  F (some people have unisex names and we don’t want to have to
guess!) Roommates will be found on a same gender basis. If you are comfortable
with, and desire, mixed gender arrangements, please make these on your own. We
are not a blind date service.

Preference: ( ) non-smoking; ( ) smokers okay. We regret that it is too
difficult to guarantee a matchup based on other preferences ("non-snorers",
"morning people only", "under 30 only", etc.). Bear in mind that you all DO
have something in common: a deep interest in space and in mankind's future.

"Packing" Options: (rank in order of preference, 1, 2, 3, etc. as many choices
as apply)
( ) one other person in single king size bed (king room) (= 2 to a room)
( ) one other person in other double bed (double double room) (= 2 to a room)
( ) two other persons in other double bed (double double) (= 3 to a room)
( ) three other roommates, two to each double bed (= 4 to a room)
( ) willing to host an extra with sleeping bag on floor
( ) willing to bring sleeping bag and sleep on floor 

Nights you expect to be at the hotel: Wed ( ); Thu ( ); Fri ( ); Sat ( ); Sun
( ); Mon ( )

Keep in mind that the published $78 room rate is prior to the addition of
applicable taxes, and that this rate will be available after May 1st (room
block release date) only on a space available basis and via the hotel's local
(414)-276-1234 number. You should use the 800-233-1234 number only through
April 30th.

Mail-in requests for roommate matchup will be accepted through a May 3
postmark. If we cannot find you one or more roommates, your $3 application fee
will be refunded, unless you wish to waive ( ) this refund and donate the fee
to the conference. This service is offered on a first come, first served
basis, per gender. 

Last minute matchup requests will be handled as best as possible at the ISDC
Services Desk at the Conference.
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