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VIDEOS shot by Verona, WI Cable Access

During the 1998 ISDC in Milwaukee, a cable access company near Madison, Wisconsin, looking for interesting filler programming, taped a number of sessions at the conference. These videos have now been made available to the Lunar Reclamation Society, and we are making them available to you.

Formats Available:

To order any 2 of the 22 videos below, simply send a check/money order for $6 U.S. made out to:

"Robert Bialecki"

and mail it to:

Allow 2-4 weeks for shipping.

Those who live outside the United States should inquire first as to the appropriate amount.

Getting Into Space - 5 videos

The Moon - 7 videos

Mars - 6 videos

Europa & Beyond - 5 videos

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VIDEOS shot by David Bliss

Videos on the topics below can be aquired in two ways:

The times listed by each event lets you figure out how many tapes your request will fill.

These formats only are available:


"David Bliss"


"Menu of Space Related Opportunities" - Peter Kokh

"Starting Space Business Ventures" - Greg Allison

"FINDS: A Fund For Research and Prizes" - David Anderman

"Introduction to the Artemis Project" (partial) - Ian Randal Strock

"Near Earth Asteroid Prospector"

"Returning To The Moon In Style: The Artemis Reference Mission" - Boise Pearson

"Toward Modular Biospherics" - Peter Kokh

"Village Of Tomorrow" - Theresa Holmes

"Potential Of Commercial Plant Research Conducted In Space" - Ray Bula

"Crop & Menu Variety In Early Settlements"

"Space Food: Mercury to the Shuttle" - Eric Ryden

"History Of Lunar Prospector" - Alan Binder, Gay Canough, Peter Kokh, Rick Tumlinson

"LunaCorp's Mission To The Moon" - Rick Tumlinson

AIRSEDS-Student Tether Project - Andrew Santangelo

"Making Cement On The Moon" - T. D. Lin

"Lunar Prospector Findings"

"Private Lunar Sample Missions" (beginning missing)

"Exploring Lava Tubes In Oregon" (missing start)

"The Utility Of Lava Tubes On Other Worlds"

"Inflatable Luna/Mars Structures" - Jenine Abarbanel

"Perks For Extended Duty" - Peter Kokh

"Brainstorming A South Polar Lunar Base"

"The Revolution In Grass Roots Space Politics" Plenary - Charles Miller, Joe Gillen, Ramsom Mullor, Margot Decker

"The Real Reason For Going Into Space" - Paul Swift

"Re-contextualizing The Solar System - Space Exploration And Human Values" - Richard Poss

"Astor Project" - Andrew Santangelo

"Space Stock Surfers Investment Club" - Alex Howerton

"Case For Mars Reference Mission" - Bruce Mackenzie

"Homesteading Mars" - Bruce Mackenzie

"One Way To Mars-A Permanent Settlement On The First Mission" - Bruce Mackenzie

"A Mars Calendar" - Robert Zubrin

"Terraforming Mars" - James Graham

"Project Galileo" [Banquet]

NSS Awards Ceremony

"The Colonization Of Mars" / Introduction To The Mars Society - Robert Zubrin

Foundry Results - Greg Allison

NSS Town Meeting - The Membership

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AUDIO Tapes of Meal Function Talks


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