You can do our ISDC

on a Small Budget

For $20, non-refundable, you can become a "Supporter" of ISDC '98, whether or not you are able to attend. Register early at this rate. If at any later date you decide to come, you can upgrade to full registration status for $10 off the balance on the then applicable rate.

Group Registration Incentive: If five or more of you register as a group (with less than a hundred members) (e.g. an NSS Chapter) at the then prevailing rate, each of you will get a $10 meal function voucher for the meal function (breakfast, lunch, dinner, banquet) of your individual choice. Vouchers will bear the name of the individual registrant and will be non-transferable, i.e. "use it, or lose it."

ISDC '98's special room rates at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee are just $78 a night - no matter how many people to a room.

ISDC '98's Service Desk offers Roommate Match-up Service, so you can cut that $78 a night in half to $39, to a third at $26, even to a quarter at just $19.50 a night! Pre-registrants will receive a Roommate Match-up Request form in their secondary registration packet. The ISDC '98 Service Desk will also try to match up requests on the spot at the conference, free, but with no guarantees.

We'd like you all to take in one or more meal functions. But we know that for many of us, affordability is marginal and every penny counts. Our hotel is downtown, with more than a dozen fast food eateries within 3 blocks. Not since San Antonio in '91, or Pittsburgh in '87, has it been so easy to eat on the cheap!

Pre-registrants will also receive a Carpool Match-up Request form in their secondary registration packet, in the hopes of keeping those transportation costs down as well.

Free transportation from Mitchell International. Airport Limo to the Hyatt is $8.50. But "Ask and you shall receive" - we'll send you a free bus ticket. City Bus # 80 (free transfer not needed) leaves from the airport pickup lane every half hour and takes you to within 2 blocks of the hotel (ask the Driver to call out Kilbourn Avenue).

ISDC '98 - "the most affordable ever"

For further information:
Peter Kokh
Chair ISDC '98
1630 N. 32nd Street
Milwaukee, WI 53208-2040
(414) 342-0705

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